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This project was launched with the aim of creating a website where everyone can share the beautiful scenery, interesting culture, and even local issues that are known only to the residents of the town where they live, and learn about the real current situation of towns around the world.

Now that you can no longer travel due to the corona from 2019, why not see the many towns where people from all over the world live?

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Daisuke Aramaki - Founder

Create the best community for teens around the world

In the winter of 2022, I visited Fukushima prefecture where a huge earthquake and nuclear accident occurred in 2011. I learned about the various challenges that still remain and began to think that many challenges in the world are real.
Therefore, I started this community to create a place where students from all over the world can freely share the charms, culture, and challenges of their own region.

It is our teenagers who will make this planet a better place in the future. We hope that by participating in this event, you will learn a variety of knowledge and values, and become interested in social issues.

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