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Our Mission

We will provide the world with the attractions and issues of local communities around the planet, and create opportunities for teenagers to get interested in solving social issues.

About Us

Daisuke Aramaki - Founder

I would like to make more people aware of the many good qualities and challenges unique to each region.

Last year, I visited Fukushima Prefecture, which was hit by the massive earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear power plant accident in 2011, and heard real stories of local issues from people living in the area, which led me to think about how I could contribute to solving local problems. I started creating this website in the hope that there would be a place where people could use the Internet to share information about their local issues and the good qualities of their communities.

I hope that I can be of some help in the further development of your community, and I would appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor.

Country Leaders

The position is to represent the country and use leadership to organize the team and effectively introduce the country’s culture and issues while developing strategies.

Daniela Sztajnbok- Country Leader

Hi! My name is Daniela and I’m currently a high school student in United States. Originally, I am from Brazil but moved to the US in the end of 2021, after living for 16 years there. What I love about this project is that only in a website you can learn about different cultures that you are not familiar with, which in my personal opinion is extremely important. 

Aiden Chen - Country Leader

Hi everyone! I’m Aiden and I am currently a Junior attending Taipei American School. I’ve lived in Taiwan my whole life, but I have been brought up with American ideals and beliefs. What I find interesting about this project is that I get to combine Business and my heritage and share it with the world. I believe that this is an amazing opportunity to share what life is like in Taiwan, and hopefully intrigue some of you guys to come visit!

Sidney Pua - Country Leader

Hello everyone! My name is Sidney, and I am currently a high school student studying in Manila, Philippines. Living in the Philippines my entire life, I have witnessed the breathtaking beauty of Filipino culture. From delectable and exotic street foods—to stunning landscapes and rich local traditions, the Philippines contains an abundance of life and color that shape the Philippines as it is today. 

I’m super excited to share my culture and experiences of living in the Philippines with all of you!

Turki Al Shukaili - Country Leader

Hi! I am Turki from Muscat, Oman. I am currently a high school student trying to get into a top university.

I like sharing my culture, and clearing people minds about the misconceptions the media tells them about the Middle East in general and Arabs specifically. 

Delphine Azra Boulanger - Country Leader

Hello! My name is Delphine, and I am currently a high school freshman in Seoul, South Korea. I am originally half French and half Turkish but I moved to South Korea a year ago. I am interested in playing Volleyball and making and listening music. 

I want to share my cultures -especially my Turkish side- with y’all and I really think this project will be a wonderful opportunity for this!  

Selvin Perdomo - Country Leader

Hello everyone!

My name is Selvin Perdomo, and I’m a high school junior from Florida, USA. I have a strong passion for economics, and I’m excited to learn from and share my culture with people from all over the world.

Maria Luisa Berbert - Country Leader

Hi! My name is Maria Luisa Berbert, I am currently a high school student in Brazil, studying at the British School of Rio de Janeiro. I’ve lived in Brazil nearly my whole life, and I am grateful for having seen the beauties of my country. It brings me joy to be able to share them here. I am very eager to be joining the Business Pro Culture Initiative as it is a wonderful way to share Brazil’s culture and traditions with the rest of the world!

Content Creators

This is an important position in this project where you will work with the Country Leader to create posts and keep everyone informed of interesting information!

Daniel Wang - Creator/Designer

Creative high school student in Australia passionate about web design, game design and culture.

Occasionally posting or designing on Business Pro Culture.

M. Sheharyar - Creator/Designer

Hello! My name is Sheharyar and, I am a high school student in Pakistan currently pursuing my A levels. I have a strong passion for both sports and computer science. In my free time, you can find me either on the field playing my favorite sport or in front of my computer learning about the latest technologies

Mao Shirai - Creator/Designer

Hello everyone! I’m Mao, a Japanese high school student. I’ve never been abroad, but I’ve traveled to some places in Japan. For example, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Tochigi, Gunma, Niigata, Yamanashi, Fukushima…and so on. Visiting these places, especially Fukushima, gave me a great impression. I hope I can share this experience with people all over the world!


Name - Role

Your introduction

Social Media Manager

This position is to spread this project around the world using social media and expand the circle of activities.

Gabriella Galli Dias - Social Media Manager

Hi everyone! I’m Gabriella and I am currently a junior studying in Chicago, USA. I’ve been brought up all over the world, and have been travelling for as long as I can remember. I am excited to share with you all that I have learned so far about our world in a different angle – social media!  

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Website Developer

This is a behind-the-scenes position that will make this website more organized with their excellent technology and convey the appeal of this project to visitors to the site.

Manu Singh- Website Developer

Hi everyone! My name is Manu and I am currently studying an IT course which directly relates to my passion about Technology and Computer science, I have lived in UK my whole life, but my true heritage lies in India where the stunning views and cities take my breath away, with this project I am fascinated to see where it will lead me and whom I may meet, also wanting others to see the hidden beauty of my country so that they may be captivated to visit.

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