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When people visit Taiwan, Din Tai Fung is a must-go restaurant. This restaurant is known for it's delicious Taiwanese Cuisine, but just how exactly did the restaurant start to flourish?

History of Din Tai Fung

Bing-Yi Yang got married to his coworker Lai Pen-Mei when he was 28 years old, and they both continued working at Heng Tai Fung (a restaurant) for a few more years. Unfortunately, due to a failed investment, Heng Tai Fung went through a setback that ultimately led to its closure. Yang Bing-Yi, who was then 31 years old, and his wife decided to start their own business after leaving Heng Tai Fung. They decided to name their new business Din Tai Fung, combining the names of their former supplier, Din Mei Oils, and their former workplace, Heng Tai Fung, as a way to express gratitude to their former boss.

Business Starts to Thrive

After obtaining a telephone through a government contact and having a sign made by a famous calligrapher, Yang Bing-Yi’s Din Tai Fung oil business got off to a good start due to his reputation and connections. However, the availability of tinned cooking oil in the early 1970s hit their business hard, and they had to find a new direction. At the advice of a friend, they began selling xiaolongbao and quickly became popular. Customers spread the word, and soon the business was booming. Din Tai Fung eventually closed the oil business and officially became a restaurant specializing in xiaolongbao, which marked the beginning of its journey as a celebrated international brand.

4 Philosophies

  1. The key to perfect service lies in attention to detail
    At Din Tai Fung, friendliness and flexibility are considered crucial elements of their service. The restaurant’s outstanding service is characterized by a customer-first approach and proactive attention to the smallest detail, which reflects the brand’s values and service philosophy.

  2. Daily sales targets are not everything
    Yang Chihua, who succeeded his father Yang Bingyi as the manager of Din Tai Fung, has worked to turn the small restaurant into a globally recognized chain of gourmet restaurants. The restaurant’s focus is not solely on sales performance, but rather on delivering excellent service to customers, enhancing the brand’s visibility, and ensuring sustainable growth.
  3. Quality is the lifeblood of the business

    At Din Tai Fung, every step in the process of preparing and serving gourmet food is approached with great care and attention to detail. From selecting the finest ingredients and perfecting cooking techniques to providing top-quality tableside service, the restaurant’s rigorous quality assurance ensures that the food served to customers embodies the restaurant’s service philosophy.
  4. Branding means responsibility
    For Din Tai Fung, ensuring the highest quality is a responsibility to customers that is upheld through attention to detail and commitment to the restaurant’s craft. Each moment is an opportunity to demonstrate the restaurant’s care and build upon the foundation that Din Tai Fung’s brand is known for, resulting in a top-tier dining experience for customers.

Most Popular Dishes


Din Tai Fung’s xiaolongbao are meticulously made with precise rolling, filling, and folding techniques, showcasing the restaurant’s culinary expertise. Beyond the delicate skin and flavorful filling, a single taste of the dish exemplifies the restaurant’s unwavering dedication to its signature dish.

Fried Rice

This golden fried rice is cooked on a precisely regulated flame, resulting in a fluffy texture and a tantalizing scent of fried egg and rice. The dish’s allure is further enhanced by the tender shredded pork added to it.

Spicy Shrimp and Pork Wontons (My Personal Favorite)

Din Tai Fung’s signature dish of wontons is made from the finest quality fresh shrimp and pork, delicately wrapped in thin wonton skins. Served with the restaurant’s unique spicy sauce, the wontons are also flavored with minced green onion and other spices, creating a rich and spicy taste.


You can find Din Tai Fung all over Taiwan, and in the past 25 years, Din Tai Fung has also made several branches internationally.


Through the restaurant’s philosophies and the founder’s connections, this famous restaurant was able to thrive and make a international name for itself. As of 2023, this brand has opened in 13 different countries, and will continue to increase their popularity throughout the world. With their creative way of marketing and yummy foods, Din Tai Fung hopes to bring more Taiwanese Cuisine around the world. 

Din Tai Fung Goes International

Foreigners visit Din Tai Fung (Mark Wiens, 9.64M Subscribers)