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Shiga has a variety of foods that take advantage of its beautiful nature. For example, Shiga, with its abundance of clean water from Lake Biwa, produces a lot of rice, which is known throughout the country as Omi rice.

Here are some of the delicious foods you can enjoy in Shiga Prefecture.


Omi beef is counted as one of the three most famous Japanese beef.

The cattle are so cherished to raise, so the beef will melt in your mouth as soon as you eat it.

Photo from: https://www.jalan.net/news/article/517322/

Funa Zushi

Funa zushi is made from crucian carp from Lake Biwa, which is pickled in salt and fermented with rice to prevent them from decomposing.

In Shiga Prefecture, funa zushi is not only made and eaten on special occasions but is also used as an offering to the gods.
It has a unique smell, but you should definitely try it.

Photo from: https://gurutabi.gnavi.co.jp/i/i_832/


In Shiga, the rice is so delicious thanks to Mother Lake, Lake Biwa, and we name it Omi-rice.

Farmers grow rice while being conscious of protecting the natural environment so as not to destroy Shiga’s rich bounty.

Photo from: https://recipe.rakuten.co.jp/recipe/1940022094/

Red konjak

Red konjac is a Japanese food ingredient, konjac that has been dyed red.
One theory as to why it was dyed red is that the flamboyant Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga ordered it that way.
It is eaten at school lunches and events throughout Shiga Prefecture and has become a tradition in the prefecture.

in Saba-Kaido

In the old days, a road called Saba Kaido (mackerel road) flourished as a way to transport mackerel and other marine products from Wakasa, north of Shiga, to Kyoto. The road runs through Shiga, and even today, you can enjoy mackerel sushi made from mackerel caught in Wakasa along the road.

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