Do you like dancing? I love it a lot! Today, I’ll introduce you to the fascinating world of dance especially high school dance in Japan.

In Japan, high school dancing has attracted much attention recently, and major competitions are held yearly. The world-famous “Bubble Dance” of Tomioka High School is also a high school dance.

The reason why high school dance has become so popular, in my opinion, is because of the “amount of passion” involved in a high school dance.

Of course, the level of a high school dance is high, and most high school students perform very advanced steps one after another. However, more than these dance skills, it was the passion of the dancers, who all created the dance from scratch and spent all their time dancing in the gym with no air conditioning or heating, or perhaps in the hallway because there was no place to practice, that became the energy that shook and moved the hearts of those who watched.

Dance is more than just dancing a choreography. They are dancing to communicate something to the people watching. You don’t need words to be moved. We invite you to look at the world of Japanese high school dance.

(Also, Tezukayama Gakuin High School is the first contestant to get a golden buzzer in Japan’s Got Talent!)

Tezukayama Gakuin High School→

Tomioka High School→

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