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When you ask most people about a country in Africa, their first answer in Nigeria. In fact, it is said that one in every four black people is a Nigerian or has roots in Nigeria. And for a country of more than 200 million people, it wouldn’t be that hard to figure it out. Then again, you might know us from our other aspects, the bad ones, mostly because the bad is usually more highlighted than the good.

Our problems that have made us known to the world: The corruption, that’s one of the top ones. The fraud that the youth seem hell bent on doing, the poverty, which is true though, most Nigerians live under the poverty line and on less than a dollar everyday which is not much,really. And there are a whole other host of problems.

But, a story should be told by the people who experienced it. We do not need outsiders to tell our stories when we can do it ourselves. Nigeria, the Giant of Africa, is a country in West Africa with the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest. It is also bordered by Benin Republic to the west, Niger Republic to the north. There’s a small piece that shares a boundary with Chad via Lake Chad, and finally, from the north down to the east, we share a border with Cameroon. We use the Nigerian Naira as our currency and also the Kobo but that is now outdated but you can still find it in some places in the northern part of the country.