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National dress

Omani men wear the dishdasha ( may be called thawb), it is a simple, ankle-length, collarless gown with long sleeves.

The dishdasha is mostly white, however, it may appear in a variety of other colours.

Underneath the dishdasha, men wear a plain, wide strip of cloth wrapped around the body from the

waist down.

The Bisht

On formal occasions a black or beige cloak called a bisht may cover the dishdasha. The embroidery edging the cloak is often in silver or gold thread and it is intricate in detail. The assa (a stick) is also used as an accessory during formal events.

In Oman there are two types of headdresses:

The khanjar

The khanjar (dagger) forms part of the national dress and men wear the khanjar on all formal public occasions and festivals. It is traditionally worn at the waist. Sheaths may vary from simple covers to ornate silver or gold-decorated pieces. It is a symbol of a man’s origin, his manhood and courage.