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La Collina
in Ohmi-hachiman

It is an interesting place just to take a walk around the facilities of Taneya Club Harrier, a famous Baumkuchen confectioner, where you can eat freshly baked Baumkuchen, and there is a warehouse that looks like a secret base.

There is also a bus service from the station for easy access, so please visit.

Otsu Port

Otsu Port is a port for ships operating in Lake Biwa, and many ships stop here. The sight of them makes you think that Lake Biwa is an ocean.

The Port of Otsu is within walking distance from downtown Otsu and is recommended as a place to stroll around Otsu. There is also a sightseeing boat called “Michigan” that cruises around Lake Biwa, so why not take a leisurely ride and enjoy the lake?

The Biwako Terrace

Biwako Terrace is a spectacular spot from the top of the mountain where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the magnificent Lake Biwa. You can enjoy it from the excitement of the ropeway ride up the mountain.

You can also enjoy skiing in the winter, see daffodils in full bloom in the spring, and do a variety of other activities depending on the season.

Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden

At this botanical garden in Kusatsu City, visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers and plants right next to Lake Biwa.
Visitors can also see many colorful aquatic plants such as lotuses and water lilies.
Various events and plant sales are held depending on the season, so why not visit?

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