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-Shiga Culture-

Shiga has a variety of interesting and unique cultures, including Shigaraki ware. Please enjoy the unique culture of Shiga Prefecture, which has long prospered as a waterway on Lake Biwa.


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Net fishing

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Floating School

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Funa zushi is made from crucian carp from Lake Biwa, which is pickled in salt and fermented with rice to prevent them from decomposing.

In Shiga Prefecture, funa zushi is not only made and eaten on special occasions but is also used as an offering to the gods.
It has a unique smell, but you should definitely try it.

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Otsu Painting

Museum where you can learn about the culture and history of Shiga

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Lake Biwa Musium

At Lake Biwa Museum, visitors can learn about Shiga’s history, traditions, and various other aspects of culture, and observe the endemic species of Lake Biwa.
If you are interested in learning more about Shiga’s culture, why not visit?