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Do you think Shiga has only Lake Biwa?

There's all sorts of interesting things to see besides Lake Biwa!

What is Shiga like?


delicious meals

Various local ingredients are abundant, from Omi beef to Omi rice, and even lake fish from Lake Biwa.


Unique Culture

Shigaraki tanuki pottery actually originated in Shiga Prefecture. There are other interesting cultures as well.


Old History

It has developed through water transportation on the lake since the Heian-kyo period (794-1192), and Oda Nobunaga and others built castles there.

If you want to play in Shiga

Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is the most famous lake in Shiga Prefecture! Cycling around Lake Biwa or taking a dip in the lake is recommended. We have uploaded beautiful photos of Lake Biwa.


Shiga Prefecture has a lake in the center and is surrounded by mountains. Therefore, you can see a lot of various beautiful nature. Why don't you get healed by the beautiful nature of Shiga?

historic landmark

Various temples and shrines have been built in Shiga Prefecture since ancient times. There are also many castles, including the ruins of Azuchi Castle and Hikone Castle, so why not visit and feel history firsthand?