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The Archaeological Site of Bat

The Archaeological Site of Bat is a necropoleis from the 3rd Millennium BC, located near a palm grove. It was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988.


The site of Bat is located in Ibri, Oman.

The necropolis consists of 100 graves and circular buildings each with a diameter of about 20 metres (66 feet).

These buildings have no outside openings, so besides the possibility of their ritualistic function, they may have been used as tanks or silos. Their precise function is as of yet unknown.

Bat also shows that the people who inhabited Oman before had a belief that there is life after death. They also were also technologically advanced for their time, since the site was inhabited 4000 years according to the excavations carried out in 1972.

The conservation of Bat

The site was never subjected to any restoration or any other type of conservation before the protection provided by the UNESCO. Their isolation was their only protection for all these years. However, there are some dangers affecting the site preservation coming from the locals who take building material from the archaeological site.